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care instructions


We’d love for your items to last as long as possible! Do follow the instructions to ensure that your pieces last!

Look out for the DOs and DON’Ts


Dark colours – wash it at least two times before wearing as dyes may bleed onto lighter clothings and transfer colour to bags
Light colours – do not mix with dark colours to prevent colour bleeding


Do hand-wash only in room temperature water
To maintain the shape of the pleats, it is recommended that the garment be washed in water without soap after wearing.
If not, do use very little powder non-softening soap
Do dry indoors, away from direct sunlight in well-ventilated area
Lay flat to dry or use inner ribbons to hang dry
If needed, do steam iron lightly and vertically. Avoid stretching pleats when steam ironing

Do not dry clean
Do not wash
in washing machine
Do not use a dryer to tumble dry
Do not use fabric softener or anything that contains fabric softener (e.g. baby detergent)
Do not use bleach or anything that contains bleach
Do not iron or steam press as the finish of the fabric is not designed to withstand heat.


Gather in the direction of the pleat when storing or folding
For curl hem pieces, make use of the ribbon loops attached on the sides of the piece to hang on the hanger
If travelling, use cloth assorted bag to store the piece
Do not place any heavy items on the piece when storing it


Length of straight hem pieces can be adjusted by using fabric scissors, which produced a clean cut after cutting (not applicable to curl hem pieces)
With excess plastic wire found at the end of the curl hem, do not pull but gently slide the fabric to cover it and the extras can be cut away

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